To solve the issues that business owners face (orientation, door design, door furniture)

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Door Manufacturers

What issues can this platform solve


Do not spend huge budgets on advertising

Today it is obvious that the information field of advertising: website promotion, participation in exhibitions, advertising materials, etc., is increasing exponentially in a short period of time, therefore business owners are not willing to spend money on advertising, they ask themselves why spend money when efficiency tends to zero. Obviously, it is better to spend a sum of money equal to a dinner in a cafe, and advertising will pay off because it gets to the point and is seen by people doing the same thing, than to spend your budgets on advertising in the ocean of information and wait when it finds its customer, moreover, it works in the region where it is placed only and does not go further.


You do not depend on the economic situation of a certain country anymore due to the distribution of your products in other countries with a better state of things.

Door Suppliers

Find your customers quickly

On this platform, people involved in the same type of work only (only associated with this industry) will will advertise their services, thus you are in connection with people who are potentially interested in your products.


Simplify your sales managers’ job

There will always be a handbook with a set of clients who you can communicate with through various sections of the site: forum, personal accounts. Managers do not spend much time searching for clients, taking into consideration that in general they deal with one country only. There are no more barriers to information delivery to a client in another region, country, continent.


You get an opportunity to show your advantages fast and straight to the point.


Make your marketing strategy less complicated. Complexity is the enemy of business.


Get your business out of one region finding clients in other parts of the world.

Thus you save on advertising, earn on new customers and have an opportunity to go international.

Patenting services

Prices for patenting services for industrial design and trademarks in European Union are not fixed and can be given upon request. Trading in European Union is a next level step, which needs protection for your products from different people and companies, who want to make money on your product and do nothing.
If you have any questions, please, contact us by email written on our website.
The procedure for this issue is as follows:
The customer makes a request. Further by agreement of both parties, a contract for the provision of services is concluded and total cost of services is determined. The contract is signed in electronic format with a stamp and signatures from both sides. The concluded contract has the same legal force when signed in electronic form.


We live in the world of money and we all want to make profits for less money and time. The goal of every businessman at any level is to become successful and make their dreams come true.

1. Adding your contacts: address, phone, website, company’s e-mail, advertising strictly by region and address.
35 EUR – 1 year, 55 EUR – 2 years.
FREE – 1 year.
(The initial stage is obligatory for all clients advertised, duration: 1 or 2 years. The remaining ad sets are at client’s will).

2. Registration on the forum and creation of a personal account, what’s the point? Opportunity to create your own topics of interest and communication with other participants.
25 EUR – 1 year, 40 EUR – 2 years.

3. Advertising in the TOP Models section, (separate section with product photos) 3 products per customer maximum.
Example: a manufacturer uploads their product photos, 3 photos of doors. He or she emphasizes his exclusive products that distinguish him or her from others.
35 EUR – 1 month, 85 EUR – 3 months, 150 EUR – 6 months, 250 EUR – 12 months.
Possibility to update products no more than once a month.

4. Company’s advertising banner on the main pages of the site.
The most expensive section of the platform. A new customer signs up on the site and immediately sees a banner of the company. The number of banners is limited – 10 banners maximum taking into consideration the capacity of the site.
100 EUR – 1 month, 245 EUR – 3 months, 360 EUR – 6 months, 400 EUR – 1 year of advertising.

5. Advertising in the news section.
The section contains a newsletter where you can tell your customers about your factory, the launch of a new product line, changes and innovations.
Advertising price is 25 euros for posting one article. Information is uploaded and does not depend on time; it may be deleted upon request of a rightsholder. It is mandatory to provide information in English or in Russian.

3 + 5 =


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