Recently, many companies from the Russian Federation are trying to enter the market of the European Union. Representatives of contacted the company «BANSKO INTERIOR DOORS» Ltd. which is engaged in the sale of interroom doors from Russia to the European Union. The approach of this company is unique, since before entering the market, this company received several patents for the industrial design of its products. This is a guarantee that only this company will sell these doors. In our opinion, this is a very important experience that will be of interest to many companies that export from Russia.
This is certainly a new and modern approach to the realities of a complex European market.

Many companies consider it unnecessary to worry about their patent security, which may eventually lead to a withdrawal from the market, as the situation that occurred in June 2019 may be repeated.

I quote one of the Internet resources for this event:

«A collective lawsuit against the Chinese company began to prepare Russian milk suppliers,» reported June 17, 2019. RIA Novosti.

As the Director of Electronic Commerce Development of REC Alexey Murzenok told the publication, domestic suppliers of dairy products soon after obtaining a license to import to China found that their trademarks were registered by a firm from the city of Mudanjiang. He added that there was no violation of the law, and Russian milk plants «missed» the moment and were late with registration. Alexey Murzenok also noted that the license was received at the end of December last year, and the Chinese firm issued trademarks this year, January 28. He expressed hope that in the China this company will be able to influence.

Recall, in November 2018, Russia and China signed a number of protocols on the mutual supply of dairy products and poultry meat. The first batches of Russian milk arrived in China in April 2019. »

With the permission of this company, we publish several patents for the industrial design of interroom doors. The management of this company kindly provided their contact details and you can contact this company for advice on obtaining patents for the trademark and industrial design in the European Union, this company has created a separate division which deals with the registration of patents in the European Union and conducts consultations on export transactions. Recall this company is a practitioner of export operations from Russia to the European Union, which allows the company to know pitfalls in this specificity.

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