Online training, individual consultations on the subject: “how to start patenting.”

Our team she turned to a company that provides online training on registration of patents for trademarks and industrial design in the European Union. This format is a new format in the industry, which allows companies to obtain the necessary information without leaving home, opens the veil over professional secrets, and allows you to properly form a budget for patent security without extra interest, using the professionalism of their partners. Internet resource  specially released for the audience which is located in India, in English, the site will be indexed in early October 2019 and will be available in the global web of the Internet

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Dear business owners, heads of foreign Trade departments, and other interested parties.

Our company offers a completely new product in the service sector associated with obtaining patents for trademarks and industrial design patents in the European Union – online consulting, online training. What is the novelty of this product?

This service is very private segment as well as providing end user information and algorithms of obtaining this service at first glance is very complicated and vague and there is no possibility to draw on public access the right information, companies that perform these services are not interested in providing incremental algorithm of its work to the client, as this would entail in their view the loss of a client and the ability to make client’s “cash cow.” Many customers are initially ready for this approach and understand that in the end probably overpay due to the fact that they themselves can not perform this service and there are no other alternatives.

Therefore, our company can lift the veil of secrecy in solving this problem (obtaining patents) and convey to the client the real pricing, to convey to the end user the terms of registration, the stages of this procedure.

We are sure that it is better to pay at the beginning a small amount for knowledge that will help to choose the right direction and most importantly to form a real budget for patenting than to turn to companies that can call prices “from the ceiling” using not the literacy of the opponent.

What will it look like in practice?

Our company enters into a contract for the provision of services, at the beginning of the contract is signed in scanned form, then the contract with the acts of work performed is sent to the postal address of the client or for the convenience of working with the client, the documents are sent for signature through the VLSI information exchange system.

Next, an invoice is issued for payment, after payment, we jointly assign a convenient time to the client and conduct online training, practice shows that the time required to remove most of all questions on patenting and obtaining initial knowledge is from 2-4 communication sessions each up to a maximum of 2 hours in duration.

What does the customer get?

1. The client after the online training begins to understand that he needs to patent (trademarks, industrial design, the number of countries where the patent will work), from this “set” depends on his budget;

2. The client understands the real cost of patenting services;

3. The client understands the estimated profit of the company, which is engaged in registration of patents, not in order to count “other people’s” money but in order to understand the reasonableness of profits;

4. The client understands the real terms of registration of patents;

5. The client can control the situation on this service.

The cost of online training is 50 EURO without VAT for one hour of training, the recommended number of hours, from 5 to 8.

Spending a maximum of  400 EURO, the Client can benefit from a minimum of 1000 EUROS to 10,000 EUROS, as it will not be possible to impose “extra” products.

We are waiting For your requests and success to Your business