The team of our portal is interested in the doors, which are produced in Ukraine, of the IN WOOD trademark.

We interviewed Nadezhda Burlova, she is a manager who is engaged in export outside Ukraine.

– Nadezhda, hello! Please tell us which door line, in your opinion, is the top one?

– Oleg, hello, the Royal Collection line consisting of 10 models is the most interesting.

This line reflects the elegance of antiquity. Doors are top sellers. Royal Collection is a real discovery for those who are picky about the little things and attentive to the details. These are not just doors, but refined and elegant luxury items.

– And other lines of doors may be of interest to the consumer?

– We also have a modern series in eclectic style PERFETTO. The collection features complex profiles, models are decorated with an elegant variety of lines using milling and decorative inserts. The series consists of 17 models.

– Are you limited only to doors? Or can you suggest other types of products?

– In addition to collection products, we successfully manufacture doors and windows for exclusive projects. We can develop a unique model together with you.

We give a 5-year warranty for our products.

– On the account of the development of a unique model, thank you very much. Which countries do you export your products to?

– IN WOOD successfully supplies its products throughout Ukraine, as well as to India, Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. We prioritize the markets of Europe and North America.

– What is the strong point of your doors?

– The strong point of IN WOOD is its own production of three-layer beams for windows. The lamellas are first processed on a four-sided Weinig machine (Germany), then the resulting blanks are profiled at the Unicontrol 6 corner center (Germany), the doors are made on the RoverA machining center.

– Are your products certified?

– All manufactured products are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications and have quality certificates.

– All the same, I’ll ask, can you make a ladder?

– Due to the versatility of the enterprise, we can simultaneously produce doors, windows, furniture, stairs, decorative elements and molded products.

– Do you have patents? This is not an idle question.

– We have a patent for an intelligent computer desk.

Today we are hindered from entering the international market by the lack of references for supplies to Western Europe.

Be sure to consider door models, models are very, very modern and can decorate your apartment or house.

Nadezhda Burlova, manager of the sales department of the company TOV “IN WOOD”. Contacts: tel: +380504050169, +380955245328.