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  • Enhance Your Home’s Style With Interior Doors
    From bedroom and closet doors to pantry doors, the style of your interior doors plays an important role in tying together the overall look of your space. And when it comes to finding the perfect doors for various rooms in your home, Lowe’s has a wide selection to choose from.
    What’s Trending
    Barn doors are a popular pick right now, bringing a charming, rustic element to your space. Swap out your traditional closet door with a closet barn door or add it as a transition between two rooms to really make a statement.
    Sliding Doors
    You’ll most likely find these as closet doors. A closet door sliding on a track gives you easy access to clothes and other items in your closet, and since these don’t swing out when they open, they also save space. Although sliding closet doors are the most familiar to us, you can incorporate this type of door into other areas of your home as well. Consider a barn sliding door to close off your pantry from view and enhance the style in your kitchen.
    French Doors
    French doors bring an elegant, traditional style to your space, with panes of glass to allow light to filter through from the rooms they connect. An interior French door could be the perfect addition for home offices right off the foyer, dining rooms or any area where you might want to create a bright, airy feel.
    Folding Doors
    Whether bifold doors or accordion doors, these space-saving options fold to open. Their designs work well for laundry rooms, closets, room dividers and other tight spaces.
    Other factors to consider when choosing a new door is core type — solid or hollow — plus hardware and material. These features make a difference when it comes to soundproofing and complementing the room’s overall look. From glass interior doors to let light filter through to traditional wood panel doors, Lowe’s carries a variety of options. Whether you’re looking for on-trend styles or something with timeless appeal, you can browse our door selection on Lowes.com, buy online and pick up in store.
    Find the Right Exterior Doors for Your Home at Lowe’s
    From front entry doors to patio doors, exterior doors are an important element of any home. They offer points of entry, provide security and add style. So whatever type of exterior door you’re in the market for, Lowe’s has the selection to fit your needs.
    Exterior Door Types
    The Front Door: One of the most important doors for your home, it boosts curb appeal and creates a first impression for visitors or anyone driving by. Entry doors come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, making it easy to find one that matches your home’s design and your personal preference.
    The Screen Door: Want to feel a nice spring breeze blowing through your home? Screen doors allow you to keep exterior doors, like front doors, open without letting unwanted bugs and pests inside.
    The Storm Door: A step up from screen doors, storm doors are generally designed with interchangeable glass and screen panels, so you can swap them out as seasons change. They can help with insulation, provide ventilation and protect your front door from the elements.

    The Security Door: These heavy-duty doors are designed to provide a layer of strength and protection against intrusion. Some security doors are designed with perforated metal screens, allowing for safer ventilation.
    The Patio Door – Patio doors give you easy access to your back deck or patio, with options including French doors and sliding glass doors.

    Door Configurations
    Consider different door configurations to add a little extra style to your entrance. A front door with sidelights — glass panels on one or both sides of the door — creates a brighter entryway. Double front doors help create a grand appearance. Other options include a transom, which is a decorative accent placed above the door, and more.

    The way the door swings should be considered, too. In-swing doors open inward, and out-swing doors open outward; which you choose is based on what works best for your home.

    Door Styles and Materials
    Since exterior doors — especially entrance doors — are an important feature of your home, you should focus on what they’re made of and what they look like. Choose doors that complement the architecture of your home as well as provide durability. We carry a variety of options, including modern front doors, wooden front doors and glass front doors, so you can easily find one that suits your home.

    Lowe’s knows that exterior doors are an important part of your home’s look and security. So shop online to find the perfect one for your needs and pick it up at your local Lowe’s.

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